How to Secure Windows From Break-Ins

Did you know that at least 80% of burglary are crimes of opportunity? Most of them don’t even have to force their way in, they just walk through open doors and windows. It’s easy enough to remember locking doors, but securing windows take a little more thought and planning. Here’s how to secure windows from break in:

Avoid French windows

They are the most vulnerable opening in any property as they usually located at the back of the house. They are also designed to let in the light and can be easily opened with simple tools. If you have them, consider replacing them with a more secure type of window. Also, its best not to have glass panels or windows beside your doors.

Do not scrimp on your security

When it comes to your security, do not scrimp – hire a skilled trades person and ensure that the window frames are of good quality. Make sure that the windows are securely fitted to the surrounding masonry.

Install window bars

Some homeowners dislike having window bars because it “feels like prison” to them. But these are one of the best way to secure your home. If this is your objection, look for decorative window bars.

Use the best materials for windows

Again, you should not try to cut corners when it comes to windows. While you can save money by installing ordinary glass, remember that they can be easily broken. Consider tempered, laminated, Plexiglas or bullet-resistant glass as the material for your window glass. They are harder to break and require repeated hammering, thus creating a lot of noise and attract the attention of neighbors or passersby.

Install window locks and/or alarms

Deadbolts are the traditional yet effective and cost-efficient method of securing windows. If you want to go high-tech, there are several window alarms in the market to choose from. A simple one will sound an alarm if your windows are opened or broken, while a more complicated version has motion detectors built-in.

Your home is your castle, so make sure that it is secure from marauders. While you cannot build a moat around it, you can still make it a fortress. Follow the tips above on how to secure your windows from break ins and you will be one step closer to a secure home.